Guest Comics Post: Giving Up On Green Lantern

Hi, my name is Kyle and I’m a relatively new comic book addict.

I’ve always been a fan of superheroes and I’d read comics intermittently over the years, but until about a year ago it had been several years since I’d actually been the kind of reader who consistently picks up his new stuff every Wednesday. I know not everyone loves The New 52, but it was a perfect opportunity for me to “start from the beginning” with DC and that’s precisely what I’ve done. Between mail subscriptions and my new pull list I’m reading ten titles and constantly reaching for something new.

One of the first comics I started reading when I picked up the habit was Green Lantern. Hal Jordan is a name even many non-comic readers would know, and picking up on his comic seemed like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it’s also likely to become the first comic I remove from my list.

I picked up GL with #9, in the middle of a great storyline involving Hal Jordan, Sinestro and The Indigo Tribe. I followed them through a confrontation with Black Hand…until it abruptly stopped at the end of issue #12 (and with annual #1, which wasn’t included in my mail subscription).

Then November’s Issue #0 came along, and introduced us to Simon Baz. He’s not the Green Lantern I signed up for, but he’s been written well so I’ve followed along as he was rescued from prison by a ring, learned to use it, met the Justice League and (spoiler alert) woken his brother-in-law up from a coma. We haven’t seen or heard from Hal Jordan or Sinestro for five straight issues now, save for a message left on Simon’s ring in #16.

That all appears to change in issue #17, when the series shifts back to Jordan and Sinestro. If you want to know what happens to Baz, you have to jump over to Green Lantern Corps for two issues before following him to February’s new Justice League of America title. JLA is replacing the recently-cancelled Justice League International and features a group with pretty limited starpower (Green Arrow or Martian Manhunter might be the most notable members along with Catwoman, who seems like a bizarre fit for this group). DC has what amounts to a two-page ad in the back of GL #16 in an effort to combat the notion that it’s just a B-List Justice League.

I’m not sure I’ll be following Baz, though, and I’m annoyed by the decision to hit “pause” on Hal Jordan and Sinestro for five months to introduce him just so he can wander off to another series. If this is how DC plans to treat GL fans, then I’ll be moving on when my subscription expires in a few months.

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